Mutus Adetus is a young, dynamic and commercial organization which occupies itself with filling in temporary and semi-permanent commercial positions for the business world..


Mutus Adetus specializes in the temporary filling in of Key Account Management, Field Sales Management and/or Sales Management positions in Fast Moving Consumer Goods(food/non-food),Business to Business and the MKB market.


Should you need specific know-how, would you like to start a project or find a Sales position,temporary or semi-permanent, then Mutus Adetus will rapidly come up with a suitable match.


Mutus Adetus demands a lot of its staff members and the realization of the various projects of our clients. Our staff members are highly qualified managers, able to quickly analyse both organisation and market and implement change in an active way.

Staff members of Mutus Adetus possess the passion and perseverance to carry out orders in a very professional way.


Staff members of Mutus Adetus dispose of a manager’s talents regarding leadership, organizational skills to analyse the situation within an organization and the talents of a project manager to bring about change.

Mutus Adetus specializes in making companies anticipate to the fast developments in their market. Capacities and skills which are necessary to give impetus and new energy to a commercial organisation from time to time.


Mutus Adetus is a young and dynamic organization which occupies itself passionately with the sales and marketing of brands and products in the Benelux countries. Mutus Adetus has specialized in the Health and Beauty market. We have become a well established name with supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies.


Mutus Adetus specializes in enabling manufacturers to anticipate new developments and opportunities in a market unknown to them. Within our organization we have every capacity and all skills to give a strong commercial impetus and renewed energy to an existing product portfolio in a new market.


Should you be a producer or a manufacturer looking towards the Benelux market but lacking the expertise, manpower and specific know-how of this market then Mutus Adetus possesses the added value to put your products in the local market in a more than excellent way. With Mutus Adetus you will take your chance with a reliable, flexible and dynamic partner that you can make very good arrangements with about:


1) Achieving sales and financial targets at national or Benelux levels

2) Developing and implementing distribution plans and sales strategies in the local market

3) Developing and broadening the local markets of your brand or product portfolio

4) Coordinating and taking care of the implementation of marketing and finance initiatives


Interim Management

Mutus Adetus offers you as Interim Manager a specialized and inspiring working environment.

By means of our speciality we are able to aim at interim positions which focus on the following:


Achieving sales objectives at national or division levels.

Preparing, developing and implementing business policies and sales strategies.

Motivating and inspiring Key Account Managers and/or field employees.

The coordination of and being responsible for the implementation of marketing initiatives.


Working at Mutus Adetus is choosing for a young and dynamic company which offers scope for self-development, a high measure of bearing one’s own responsibility and the possibility to work in a challenging and inspiring environment.


Mutus Adetus appoints you as Interim Manager with very attractive companies for the duration of a project.

From your Sales and/or Marketing field of study you together with Mutus Adetus start looking for the ideal assignment. These assignments will be in the sphere of Key Account Management, Sales and/or Field Sales Management.


Mutus Adetus sees to a salary in conformity with the market and challenging assignments with companies that appeal to you.


Registration at Mutus Adetus Interim Management, click here to send your resume with accompanying letter. Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail.


Further information on the possibilities Mutus Adetus offers you as a potential client can be obtained from:


Jeroen de Haas:

E-mail: info@mutusadetus.nl

GSM:  +31 (0)6-44586280

Where do you find Mutus Adetus?


Mutus Adetus

Iekendonksevoort 79

5706 HH Helmond




Coming from direction Eindhoven.

Take motorway A270 direction Helmond. Turn right at the first traffic lights(end of motorway) direction Brandevoort/Mierlo.

Continue under railroad bridge and turn left at the second roundabout. You are now on the Brand.

Take the second turning on the left leading into the Lekendonksevoort.

Mutus Adetus is immediately on your left-hand side.


Coming from direction Helmond.

Take motorway A270 direction Eindhoven. Turn left at the last traffic lights(before beginning motorway)direction BRandevoort/Mierlo.

Continue under ralroadbridge and turn left at the second roundabout. You are now on the Brand.

Take the second turning on the left leading into the Lekendonksevoort.

Mutus Adetus is immediately on your left-hand side.



    Mutus Adetus pays utmost attention to the contents and quality of the internet site.The data supplied on the internet site will be kept as topical as possible. It is,however possible that the data supplied are not entirely or no longer up to date. It is for Mutus Adetus to decide when to update information on the internet site and Mutus Adetus feels free to make alterations at any moment. Mutus Adetus does not guarantee the results the visitor is looking for on the basis of the data supplied on this internet site. No rights can be derived from the information on this site.


    Visitors to this site are not allowed to copy, circulate or make public data( copyright publications), products or services otherwise then for one’s own use without previous permission from Mutus Adetus. Mutus Adetus disclaims any responsibility for damage of any kind which might result from or in any way be connected with the use of this site or the impossibility to consult this site.


    Privacy statement


    Mutus Adetus is an organisation which brings together information from both customers and candidates.

    Mutus Adetus guarantees that this confidential information will be available to and used by Mutus Adetus staff only.

    It is obvious that Mutus Adetus sees to it that data from our clients and information from our candidates will remain strictly confidential.

    We also strictly guarantee the privacy of visitors to this website.

    This privacy statement describes what data will be filed by Mutus Adetus and why.



    Anyone who takes an interest in the possibilities that Mutus Adetus offers and wants to be registered as a candidate or potential client can do so by means of e-mail.

    The candidate´s information which has become available is used to match it with registered clients.This information is only shared with potential clients after oral or written permission from the candidate.

    Candidates who register through the website will receive a confirmation of their registration by means of e-mail.

    Candidates are free to adapt or delete information filed by Mutus Adetus. Kindly submit a request for this purpose with Mutus Adetus.


    The board of commissioners is Mutus Adetus´s supervisory body.

    Its task is to supervise the company policy and the daily routine.

    The board of commissioners is the advisory body for the Mutus Adetus Management.

    To execute this task the Mutus Adetus Management timely supplies the board of commissioners with the necessary data.

    The Mutus Adetus commissioners have been chosen externally on account of their expertise in certain branches or markets, their network and their positions in the social sphere.

    The salary of each member of the boards of commissioners is fixed on the annual general meeting.


    Board of commissioners


    J.G.A.M. de Haas

    B.K.G. Mader

    P.J. Wiegmans

    D.E.R. Sandbergen

    E. Thorn

    Date of birth

    24th of august 1945

    28th of march 1947

    26th of february 1958

    23rd of october 1964

    16th of december 1970



    Research & Development

    Human Resources


    Operations & Logistics




    Shell Nederland B.V.

    Total Body Balance Helmond B.V.

    Fresenius Medical Care


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    Mutus Adetus is very proud of its company name.

    We think, moreover that we have a very good reason to be proud.

    Mutus Adetus was a Roman civilian who commissioned by local Roman authority traded with the Frisians in the northern part of the Netherlands.

    He may have been one of the first “interim managers“ we come across in our history.

    A carefully chosen name that belongs to a company with strong roots in the economic sector.

    A name which fits in with the core of “our” existence; trading and doing business.


    At Mutus Adetus we respect the background and philosophy of our customers while we simultaneously want to build a bridge to future opportunities and possibilities which the current market offers our clients.